Where seeds are planted, community grows

Some of what people value about the Gardens
  • Meeting people with a similar interest in gardening

  • Having a say in how the Gardens are run

  • Learning new skills and passing on knowledge

  • Gaining a sense of belonging in the community

  • Growing food and plants to share 

  • Hearing about relevant workshops, activities and events

  • Supporting the birds, bees and other beneficial insects

  • Sharing gardening stories, life stories and laughter

  • Making the surrounding park feel more welcoming & safe

  • Developing leadership skills through organizing events

Gorge Park Community Gardens (GPCG) is a welcoming space open to all. It's a place where members gather to grow food, support pollinator habitat, attend educational workshops, and socialize. There are many ways to join in!


Membership allows you to be involved in the shaping of the Gardens, whether that's working on-site, attending planning meetings, or helping organize an event. Members do everything from making compost to making the budget. See what teams you might be interested in.

Membership costs only $10.00 per year. Become a member and have a voice in what we do.

Join us in the Gardens where there’s always something to do or admire. 

Everyone is welcome to visit the Gardens,

become a member, put their name on the allotment waiting list, volunteer, or

sign-up to receive updates through

our  Garden Bites    newsletters .

If you'd like to support us without becoming a member, we welcome your donations!

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Founding Partners
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