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Leased allotment beds for individuals' use

We have 55 allotment beds ranging in size from 24 to 100 square feet. The smaller ones are standing height, suitable for those with mobility concerns. It’s amazing what can be grown, even in one of our smaller spaces!

There is a wait-list for allotment beds, so being assigned a plot may take a while. To be added to the list, send us an email.

Allotment rental fees are based on the size of the plot. The rate is $1.20 per square foot, per year, as of January 1, 2024. This helps to cover costs of maintaining the garden complex.

You don't have to become a member to get your name on the wait-list but if you’re eager to get your hands into some earth, join us as a member and get involved in the Gardens community in other ways while you wait for your plot. 

Leased allotment beds for individuals' use

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