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Welcome to the Gorge Park Community Garden Society

The Gardens' First Summer 2015

The Gardens' First Summer - 2015

Visitors to the park comment on the beauty that has been created and the increased sense of community the Gardens has added to the neighbourhood.

The Gardens are 100% volunteer run. All members participate in the running of the Gardens in some way.  Come join us!

Gorge Park Community Garden Society (GPCGS) is located in a beautiful public park in Saanich, BC.

In January of 2015 we started building our first vegetable beds - we've come a long way since!

Within the rustic spit-rail fence surrounding the site you’ll find a number of different types of spaces. 

  • allotment beds rented by members to grow their own food

  • communal growing areas brimming with herbs, fruit, and vegetables for use by garden members, people passing by and neighborhood food programs.

  • places for people to gather and visit

  • areas designed specifically with pollinators in mind, including mason bee houses

  • water conservation features such as berms, swales and a rain garden

Within the Gardens we host Plant Sales, Gardeners' Gatherings, Educational Workshops and more.

GPCGS members are a mix of both allotment holders and those without allotments who care for the communal areas only. Our gardeners, young and older, come from nearby condos, houses, and apartments along Gorge Road and from neighbourhoods throughout Greater Victoria.

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